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Coaching Services

Welcome to the transformative world of CED Inspired Coaching Services. Our expertly crafted programs cater to diverse needs.


Our coaching services include:

  • Family Connections Coach

  • ElevateHER 1:1 Coaching

  • Virtual Bestie Services for virtual companionship

  • Pages of Purpose: A Journaling How-To 

Which services can we assist you with today?


Family Engagement Coaching

Our Family Connections Coaching service, aims to offer expertise in helping families foster unbreakable family bonds through personalized journaling activities. Our coaching service is designed not only to strengthen family ties and improve communication but also to play a vital role in your child's development. Guided by experienced professionals, our sessions empower families to navigate challenges, celebrate milestones, and embark on a transformative journey together. Experience the unique benefits of intentional family engagement, from promoting your child's cognitive and emotional growth to creating lasting connections that contribute to a harmonious family dynamic. Unlock the potential for meaningful connections and holistic family development with our Family Connections Coaching service.

Virtual Bestie Services

Embark on a transformative journey with our Virtual Bestie services at CED Inspired! Picture a trusted companion supporting you every step of the way, offering encouragement, empathy, and a virtual shoulder to lean on. Our Virtual Bestie is more than a service; it's a personalized experience crafted for your emotional well-being and growth. Whether you seek a listening ear, motivational chats, or simply someone to share life's moments, our virtual companionship packages are designed to uplift and inspire. Join the CED Inspired community and discover the power of connection that transcends the virtual realm. Your journey to emotional well-being starts here – with a Virtual Bestie by your side.

ElevateHer 1:1 Coaching

Our "ElevateHer 1:1 Coaching" service is tailored for high-achieving women ready to embark on a transformative journey. Through personalized guidance, we empower you to master the art of communication and unlock the potential to transform your personal and professional relationships. Elevate your life and elevate yourself with one-on-one coaching designed exclusively for powerhouse women.

Pages of Purpose: A Journaling How-To

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Pages of Purpose: A Journaling How-To.' This unique service not only provides an insightful guide to the art of journaling but also includes personalized coaching and workshops. Navigate the pages of purpose with guided prompts, tips, and inspiration, turning each entry into a meaningful step on your journey of self-discovery. Our coaching sessions and workshops offer hands-on guidance, ensuring you maximize the benefits of journaling for personal development. Unleash the potential within as you embrace the art of journaling and embark on a path to purposeful living.

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