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 Consulting Services

Welcome to the transformative world of CED Inspired Consulting Services. Our expertly crafted programs cater to diverse needs of schools and social service agencies.


Our consulting services include:

  • Family Engagement Program Strategist

  • Case Managment Excellence Program

  • CED Inspired Training Academy

  • CED Inspired Learning Solutions

  • Virtual Case Management

  • Virtual Assistant Services (Standard)

Which services can we assist you with today?


Family Engagement Strategist for Schools / Agencies

Family Engagement Strategist for Schools Description: Our "Family Engagement Strategist for Schools" service is dedicated to transforming the family engagement dynamics within educational institutions. We specialize in partnering with schools to develop comprehensive strategies that enhance family engagement, nurture teacher-parent partnerships, and create a more collaborative learning environment. With our expertise, your school can pave the way for stronger connections, improved student outcomes, and a brighter educational future.

CEDInspired Training Acaedemy

Welcome to CED Inspired Training Academy, where learning meets customization. Our academy not only offers a range of expertly crafted training topics guaranteed to add value to any program but also provides the flexibility to tailor each topic according to your organization's unique needs. We cover diverse subjects, including case management principles, ethical practices in social services, trauma-informed care, family engagement impact, case management best practices, and motivational interviewing. Elevate your team's knowledge and skills with our transformative and personalized training solutions, designed to empower your professionals and enhance your organization's impact. Consider our Training Academy as a valuable supplement to your current training program, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet the specific needs of your team.

Virtual Case Management

At CED Inspired, we understand the unique needs of schools and social service agencies, especially in efficient case management. We recognize the challenges faced by both case managers and school staff with new tools. Our mission is to simplify the process, allowing you to prioritize what matters most – your students and community. Our commitment extends to the entire school community, offering advanced, user-friendly, and adaptable case management solutions. With innovation at the core, our intuitive digital resources empower both case managers and school staff, ensuring a unified experience that enhances support and services for students and communities. Reach out to discover how our advanced tools can enhance your school staff's efficiency, enabling everyone to focus on what truly matters – your students and community. Ask us how we can elevate your school's efficiency and support services today!

Case Management Excellence Program

Elevate your team's proficiency with our Case Management Excellence Program. As experienced speakers and trainers, CED Inspired brings dynamic and insightful sessions covering a spectrum of topics essential for case management professionals. From refining client-centered approaches to navigating legal complexities and fostering a culture of resilience, our program empowers your team with the knowledge and skills to excel in the ever-evolving field of case management. Join us for engaging and transformative training sessions that elevate both individual capabilities and the collective impact of your organization. Your journey to case management excellence starts here.

CED Inspired Learning Solutions

Explore boundless possibilities with CED Inspired Learning Solutions. Our comprehensive learning and development service is not just a training program; it's a transformative journey designed for organizations seeking to enhance their knowledge base. Ideal for start-up programs or those looking to infuse a more holistic, family-centered approach into their implementation or child development strategies, our service offers end-to-end training, onboarding, and implementation support. Elevate your team's capabilities and embrace a fresh perspective with CED Inspired Learning Solutions, where knowledge evolves into impactful practices, perfect for programs navigating new horizons or aspiring to integrate family-centered excellence into their approach.

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Virtual Assistance (Standard)

At CED Inspired, we understand the intricate needs of schools and social service agencies for efficient case management. Our mission is to simplify the process, prioritizing your students and community. Our commitment spans the entire school community with advanced, user-friendly case management solutions. Embracing innovation, our digital resources empower both case managers and school staff for a unified experience. Highly recommended, our acclaimed solutions extend the impact of our Family Engagement Strategist Consulting Service. Wondering how? Reach out to enhance your school's efficiency and support services today!

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