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Virtual Bestie Feedback

We value your experience with our Virtual Bestie Services. If you've found support, encouragement, and growth through our virtual companionship, we'd love to hear your story! Your insights can help others discover the transformative impact of this unique service. Share your journey with us and be a part of the Virtual Bestie community.

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1.  Overall Satisfaction

How satisfied are you with the Virtual Bestie Companion Services?

2.  Frequency of Interactions

Did the frequency of interactions meet your expectations?

3.  Supportive Experience

4.  Platform Convenience

How satisfied are you with the Virtual Bestie Companion Services?

5.  Flexibility and Accessibility

Did the availability of phone calls and text messaging options contribute to a flexible and accessible support experience?

6.  Favorite Part

What was your favorite part about the Virtual Bestie Companion Services?

7.  Initial Motivation

8.  Share your experience having Courtney as your Virtual Bestie.

What initially made you seek Virtual Bestie Services?
How was your experience having Courtney as your Virtual Bestie? Please select the option that best describes your thoughts on the support, guidance, and connection you experienced throughout your journey:

By submitting your review, you acknowledge and grant permission for us to share your feedback anonymously on our platforms. We appreciate your openness and look forward to using your positive experiences to inspire others while respecting your privacy. If you authorize the anonymous public sharing of your review, please check the box below. Additionally, you may indicate whether you prefer to be identified by first and last initials or no initials at all:

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