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Discover CED Inspired Services

At CED Inspired, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to empower individuals and institutions seeking transformation and growth. Our mission is to elevate communication, strengthen relationships, and foster personal development. From one-on-one coaching for powerhouse women to comprehensive family engagement strategies for schools, our services are designed to bring about positive change.

Explore our services to find the perfect solution for your unique needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your communication skills, transform your personal or professional relationships, or create customized designs for various applications, we're here to guide and support you on your journey.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of our clients shines through each service we provide. Join us in the pursuit of empowerment and transformation. Choose the service that resonates with your goals, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.


Family Engagement Strategist for Schools / Agencies

Family Engagement Strategist for Schools Description: Our "Family Engagement Strategist for Schools" service is dedicated to transforming the family engagement dynamics within educational institutions. We specialize in partnering with schools to develop comprehensive strategies that enhance family engagement, nurture teacher-parent partnerships, and create a more collaborative learning environment. With our expertise, your school can pave the way for stronger connections, improved student outcomes, and a brighter educational future.

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Virtual Assistance (Standard)

At CED Inspired, we understand the intricate needs of schools and social service agencies for efficient case management. Our mission is to simplify the process, prioritizing your students and community. Our commitment spans the entire school community with advanced, user-friendly case management solutions. Embracing innovation, our digital resources empower both case managers and school staff for a unified experience. Highly recommended, our acclaimed solutions extend the impact of our Family Engagement Strategist Consulting Service. Wondering how? Reach out to enhance your school's efficiency and support services today!

Family Engagement Coaching

Our Family Connections Coaching service, aims to offer expertise in helping families foster unbreakable family bonds through personalized journaling activities. Our coaching service is designed not only to strengthen family ties and improve communication but also to play a vital role in your child's development. Guided by experienced professionals, our sessions empower families to navigate challenges, celebrate milestones, and embark on a transformative journey together. Experience the unique benefits of intentional family engagement, from promoting your child's cognitive and emotional growth to creating lasting connections that contribute to a harmonious family dynamic. Unlock the potential for meaningful connections and holistic family development with our Family Connections Coaching service.

Custom Design Services for Journals and Merchandise

Our "Custom Design Services" are a creative canvas for your unique vision, adaptable to diverse needs. Beyond individual personal development journals, our services extend to business conferences, corporate branding, distinctive gift ideas, and enhancing family engagement curriculum for schools. With our custom designs, you can create personalized journaling experiences that resonate with your audience, make a memorable impact at conferences, reinforce your brand identity, and enrich educational materials in schools. Let your imagination flourish, and we'll bring it to life through custom-designed journals and merchandise.

Virtual Case Management

At CED Inspired, we understand the unique needs of schools and social service agencies, especially in efficient case management. We recognize the challenges faced by both case managers and school staff with new tools. Our mission is to simplify the process, allowing you to prioritize what matters most – your students and community. Our commitment extends to the entire school community, offering advanced, user-friendly, and adaptable case management solutions. With innovation at the core, our intuitive digital resources empower both case managers and school staff, ensuring a unified experience that enhances support and services for students and communities. Reach out to discover how our advanced tools can enhance your school staff's efficiency, enabling everyone to focus on what truly matters – your students and community. Ask us how we can elevate your school's efficiency and support services today!

Custom Designed Journals for Personal Development

Dive into the world of personal growth with our custom-designed journals purpose-built to assist individuals in reaching their personal development goals. Our journals are more than just writing tools; they're your companions on the journey to self-discovery and emotional growth. Explore our collection to start your transformation today.

ElevateHer 1:1 Coaching

Our "ElevateHer 1:1 Coaching" service is tailored for high-achieving women ready to embark on a transformative journey. Through personalized guidance, we empower you to master the art of communication and unlock the potential to transform your personal and professional relationships. Elevate your life and elevate yourself with one-on-one coaching designed exclusively for powerhouse women.



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